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They are seriously an incredible powerful live act that are only seen to be believed. Frontman Thomas' incredible command of the stage and venue are utterly incomparable.

- In The Black Midwinter Festival 2019

“an emotional punch”Electronic Sound Magazine

There’s a heavier impact for the tunes that accompany Ugly Nature on stage. Consisting of the charismatic Thomas Kelly on vocals and the accomplished synth skills of Dean Clarke (Brutalist Architecture in the Sun, Bluetown Electronica), Ugly Nature waste little time in getting the audience in the mood.

Kelly commands the stage through a strident presence and manages to spice up proceedings by ejecting the mic stand across the floor! Stripping off to reveal a hazard-taped body somehow adds to the unpredictable ambience.

 - The Electricity Club 2018


Next up is Ugly Nature with the musical tour de force that is Dean (Brutalist Architecture In The Sun) Clarke. Dean's weapons of choice tonight are a Moog Sub37 and a Novation MiniNova. The synth geeks in the audience were astounded by the great Vox Humana sound managed to get out of the MiniNova, and the amount of feeling and expression solicited from it.

The other half of the act is Thomas Kelly, who is a brilliant front man, with a great voice, exceptional presence and a nice counterpart to Dean. It's a format that works very well. The band wryly refer to their sound as coldrave; reflecting that it ranges from the minimal synth sounds of coldwave through to overt dance beats - all with Kelly's strong vocals and showmanship up front. Most satisfying are the rich, deep analog synth lines and thumping, dry, drum pad sounds - a consistent presence whatever the BPM.

So if you've yet to see them in action  take any chance you get. The music and performance are absolutely top notch.

- DSO Audio 2018


The sound coming out of the machines certainly hits the spot: satisfyingly crunchy; powerful; melodically satisfying but unpredictable. It's the work of someone who has listened deeply, and wants to create a catchy and appealing synthpop sheen, but has imbued it with something deeply unsettling, like a choking pall of dark smoke hanging over a post-riot London.

- Mark Roland, Electronic Sound Magazine 2014