Thank you / Teaser / Cyber drama

Thomas Article

Hello my dystopian transformitons,

A lot has been happening behind the scenes at Ugly Nature since the release of Alien Expression in June an we’d like to catch-you-up with the hot news.

Thank you

First of all, a massive thank you to the 1500+ people who tuned in to view / share / engage with our Live Broadcast on June 4th celebrating the release of Alien Expression. We had one shot to capture it, the response from you all made it worth the effort – so thank you! That 30mins of intense performance is still available to view on our FaceBook page .

New music

We have been in the studio recording new music for which we can give you no-spoilers, its tough love. But, we will soon announce the September release date for the much anticipated single Biometric.

Coming soon - September

As a matter of fact, there are a number of new tracks floating about in our workshop from minimal Kraftwerk style journey pop, to goth growling “f*k you society” bangers. Watch this space for developments.

We got hacked

On an innocent June morning a music buff contacted Thomas to say that the website… bumbumbum… was down. Yes, redirected to a fishing scam, the UN website has been owned – an event which made us both worry and laugh at the absurdity of how many of our fans would be duped by the scam = 0% MOFO. Fast forward lots of boring discussions with our web-host; Thomas came digitally toe-to-toe with the mysterious (yet inevitably defunct) hacker when random email accounts were getting added as website Admin.

Oh noes! Fastforward some more, in a much-less-fabulous version of Minority Report crime fighting, Thomas identified some exploited plug-ins and deleted them like so many bad memories. Smash-town, victory and the website is now restored, hell yeh! That was June.

Since then we've been man-caving in Deans basement studio, writing tracks. Expect a music release date from us soon!

Here’s a shot from our latest photoshoot - until then, remain strong and forward the electro vision.

-Thomas and Dean