Locked up & Signed

Thomas News

Hello my fellow summer-time lock-down victims,

Have you been keeping well? It’s been nothing short of extraordinary during the last three months as our global music scene has taken shelter from the COVID19 cluster-freakathon. We’ve not said a word these past few months... and we’re sure you can relate: lock-down has been weird for all of us.

Also, many people have suffered damage to their health, career and family; so, if that’s you, our electro heart goes out to you.

And yes, there were a handful of our gigs and plans that did indeed receive high-speed crap impact from this situation… But, it looks like social spaces are re-opening soon and we want to make a cool anouncement:

Ugly Nature have signed with Rose Astronaut Records, which means you’ll get to hear us on your favourite music platforms! Hell yeh!!

We’ll be releasing a selection of our best tracks and the new single Frozen Lives – date to be announced on our Facebook page soon.

And what now? So many of us have replaced human contact with video-chat and live music with streaming. How long until you’ll feel comfortable in bar, shoulder to shoulder with your fellow fans? Hmmmm... One month and two pints of ale?!

Okay, you stay strong and we’ll be back with more announcements soon.

Thomas and Dean