Goth it up / Writers smash / Delay repay

Thomas Gigs, News

It’s hello earthling time as we ship out of Dean’s basement studio and hit the road to play In The Black Midwinter Festival in Sheffield. It’s electro-punk-o’clock!

Goth it up

We are broadcasting in transit as we barrel down the M1, bound for Sheffield with a car full of music kit, black make-up and a stockpile of Deans’ music. Tonight we check out some bands and tomorrow we deliver a full-on electro stomp set which we tailored just for this audience; we are pumped! Half of the set is crafted from new tracks: Pixelated, After Dark, Queer, and Frozen Lives (our next single release).

Writers Smash

It’s been a while since we said things, anythings, online. We do love a bit of tweety comms, mildly meaningful postage and talking to you (obviously, because you’re great); but, we got much to interested in writing new music to say diddly squat about it. So, forgive us, or don’t – but there are some ripping new tracks coming your way in the new year which we mentioned above. More news on how we’ll release these to follow (I know, what a tease). We’re road testing them before committing to a final vocal take for mastering at Big Jam Studios. On that note, we’ve mixed in Kevin Energys’ remix of Ugly Nature into our set for tomorrow so it’s going to be an absolute clanger.

Delay Repay

We spoke earlier about another single track at the end of 2019 to cap off our “Year of New Music”. How can we break this to you? It’s not being released *just yet* because we want it to be excellent, for you. Yes for you, for you, for you. “Yeh…” I hear you postulate “Excellent (with intended sarcasm). But how, and why should I keep you in mind for January / February?”. First of all, stop reading my mind. Secondly because the cover art imagery is sourced from the murky depths of Deans’ past (being worked on), and we can tell you the track title: “Frozen Lives”, a heartfelt song about losing someone you love while they are still alive. Thomas will be putting time into the imagery, writing about it, publishing the lyrics and whatnot for the love of our fans. Bet you feel guilty for all that smack-talk just now huh? Never mind – more news about that soon.

We’ll let you know how the festival goes later this week. You stay strong, and as always, forward the electro vision.