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Ooooh yes,

We’re getting somewhere and that’s towards the release of our first 2021 single – Problem Child. Let’s celebrate music and culture as we leave lockdown 3 behind in the UK!

Dean and Thomas are indeed still alive, kicking and tweaking synthesisers. What a clusterfuck it’s been (oh you know, near global lockdown) and if anything, we learned to focus on what’s meaningful in life – Family, mental health and synthpunk *ooph*. We were listening to the Kevin Energy studio mix of Problem Child last week (mmm, that new track buzz!) and getting excited to share it. Watch out for release date announcements on our website and Faceache towards mid June.

So like, what’s been going on in the last little while? … Glad you asked, analogue synthesiser much? Yeh actually, Dean has been refreshing the studio and here’s what he’s got to say …

"Selling Modules, buying modules, more synths…..So below is the new Ugly Modular. Out went the 2x8 step sequencers and underused modules and in came a 24 step Moog clone sequencer, 3 clone Moog modular oscillators, more drums, more filters, more FX, 27 detuned super saws and added FM Twangers."
"Plus clones of the Roland TB-303, Korg MonoPoly and ARP 2600 made their way into the studio….. We are very much looking forward to adding this new arsenal to the mix…once we have read the manuals……but in the meantime the other 20 unstable synths in the studio will have to do!"

Hmm what else?
Thomas has been building a recording studio booth in his home during all these lockdowns, soon to be completed and ready for action to record an Ugly Nature album. I mean, designing and building a studio was a hilariously challenging project and it’s gonna be brilliant to have it done.

Darkness and sexuality in poems and pictures? Yeh that’s right, Thomas has been writing a book and collaborating with illustrator Elise Baerd to produce his debut collection of poems called Death & Attraction. This small collection of illustrated poems and stories is a thought provoking medicine for lovers of meaning and curiosity. The book launch event will be held at The Water Rats, London on July 15th – free entry – see the event using buttons below x

You stay electric and we’ll announce release dates soon,

Dean and Thomas