2019 Wrap-Up

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MMMMMmmmm welcome to the wrap-up of Ugly Nature’s 2019,

We’ve really enjoyed what’s been going on this year and now we’ll be sharing the “best of” what we did, music we liked (Dean’s favourites, Thomas’ readings) and some exciting updates that you may have missed.


Thank you

First of all we’d like to say a robust electro thank you to #you, individually, collectively – our fans. You joined us at gigs, you cruised around our website when we released new music, you subscribed to our online shenanigans… you are excellent.

Do go ahead and follow us if you’re not already there, it does goes a long way.

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The best of Ugly Nature - 2019

It’s obligatory to mention some highlights off-the-bat here. We called 2019 our “Year of New Music” to get the creative power unleashed; we recorded new tracks, played gigs and produced a live streaming video to make it a proper year.

A look back at what we released

Live broadcast

In June we created a Facebook live video broadcast to celebrate the release of Alien Expression; filmed at the Big Jam Studios and featuring a tailored live video set from BRCAUTERO .

Bruno also contributed visuals to a very interesting documentary this year called AI Bias by Nekane Ozamiz which premiered in The Barbican Centre, London this year.


We played a handful of London gigs but our favorite of the year was In The Black Midwinter Festival, in Sheffield. Hosted by the producer / night creature known as Derek, it was a banging little festival with a loyal and friendly audience; worthy of wider acclaim.

Go and click like on the Join the Night Shift Events page. Also check out his gothy synthpop fusion performance work in the Jan Doyle Band.


Credit to Andy Staley of Restless Focus

Deans two Favourite albums of 2019

Dean feckin loves electronic music, and as you’d expect from a music producer and radio host (Blue Town Electronica) he’s got an internal new-music-radar set to "I want more". On request, he’s spoken about his two favorite albums of the year - let's hear it from Dean:

Hypnos by Xeno & Oaklander

Favourite track: A World Without Sun

"Danced like a loony to this way too many times. Great combination of modular goodness and European female breathless vocals. Much love. We saw them at the Moth Club earlier this year, and yes, we danced like loonies."

Favourite track: Feels

"I am obsessed with these guys. Imagine Joy Division is they were invented now and in the US. What’s my favourite track? All of them, but “Feels” packs an emotional gut punch. Clearly a very personal song but we all get invited in. A triumph. Can’t wait to see them live in Feb 2020."

Other News


Thomas joins Cyberwaste as singer / song writer. Multiple releases are anticipated during 2020 for this already strong project, so definitely follow them and check out their goodz.



Adventurous female-driven electronica with infusions of Hip-hop, DnB, Dance, Soundtrack and industrial, it's always an exciting and engaging sonic experience.

- Doncaster Electronic Foundation

Brutalist Architecture In The Sun

In Deans' other project, Cye and he released their latest album Monochrome Beach in 2019.


Brutalist Architecture in the Sun lean towards that grey, brooding niche of electronic music that often seems purpose-built for dystopian science fiction films.

-PAUL BROWNE, electricity-club.co.uk

Ciao for now

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There's nothing better than a beautiful ending, which scarcely exist in our world - especially after the UK election. So we won't pretend it's all good because there's so much more yet to be done. 2019 was a taster of the full frontal assault we want to share, next year already has it's bullets cocked (that's a metaphor for tracks being produced, not a sexualised munition joke).

Thank you for being with us! Do subscribe to our socials, it's meaningful in this day and age (we are now on Insaham), and we will see you in January.

Stay strong and forward the electro vision x

Thomas and Dean

P.S. Well done for reading this far, here's a little treat from Ash of Cyberwaste x

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